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Triathlon, Cycling & Running Training plans & coaching services


Bike £99

heart rate & power training zones + anaerobic & aerobic threshold heart rate evaluation

Static bike conducted test, After completion of the evaluation the athlete will be informed via email of: 

  • as above run evaluation with addition of power training zones
  • Functional threshold power (FTP) & power output per Kg of body weight

Triathlon (Bike & Run) £149

both evaluations above at a discounted rate

RUN £99 example data

heart rate training zones + anaerobic & aerobic threshold heart rate evaluation

Treadmill conducted test, After completion of the evaluation the athlete will be informed via email of:

  • Resting heart rate (BPM), blood pressure, body fat %, height & weight
  • Maximum measured heart rate (BPM)
  • Heart rate training zones (upper and lower limits in BPM)
  • Blood lactate levels in mmol/L (resting and maximum)
  • Anaerobic (lactate threshold) & Aerobic threshold heart rates 
  • Functional threshold pace (FTp) & heart rate vs pace  

Heart rate, pace & power training zones + anaerobic & aerobic threshold heart rate evaluations

our evaluations will identify accurate HeaRt rate / power training zones, anaerobic Threshold heart rate (lactate threshold), Aerobic Threshold HeaRt rate and associated running pace & cycling power. All tests included A post test 60min telephone Analysis Call.

The evaluations below are available to both performancecoaching.me coached and non-coached athletes and are undertaken in our self contained private gym at our premises. They have been designed to collect precise and repeatable data through a series of physical tests and blood lactate level measurements.

           If you have any questions regarding the evaluations or wish to check for availability of appointments please call us on                  01449 616071 or contact us