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Towards the end I was really feeling the running but knew I could gain time or places through doing it which gave me motivation to stay at it. When the leaders came past it was also an eye opener in terms of technique around the course and leg speed, naturally I tried to stick with a few of them for a handful of metres before they were off! When I heard the bell ring it really was music to my ears and energy to my legs. I managed to chase down and catch three people, two on the testing hills of which one guy was running and had been running the whole lap, later I had a guy on what looked like a mountain bike and I chased hard running the bike through the woods to get on his back wheel coming out and trailing waiting for a bit of a sprint, which was an anti-climax, we rounded the last bend in to the home straight and up with the leg speed and a few gears and he had conceded already!
All in all it was definitely as much fun as I had anticipated, certainly lived up to expectation. It was very similar to cross country running in how the fatigue and burning in the lungs kicks in especially with the oxygen debt and race wise is similar how the leaders go away and sustain that and pick it up again and a trail group forms playing cat and mouse soon to be followed up by everyone else. I would consider cyclocross again in the future actually turns out there is another race this Sunday however I’m running 15km in the South of England cross country championships and don’t plan on getting out of bed Sunday.
I placed 17th and was one lap and 3:05 down off the leader and frustratingly 30 seconds off an Ipswich junior. The event left me feeling a mixture of that was great but my competitive streak kicked in and I felt disappointed with the result but reflecting back (after some food) I realised that for my debut cyclocross and starting at the back it was a good result and I had achieved my objectives for the day, depending on a bike and plans for next year I will most likely look to take part in the league.