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Cycle Training Periodisation
Jason Battle – Head Coach at Performancecoaching.me

There is a lot of talk and advice featured in cycling magazines and on the internet regarding the need for correctly structured training, but few details on what it is, how it looks or how to go about it, Let’s take a moment to look at a beginners guide to adding structure to your cycling training…
What we are going to look at:
·        Periodised Training - What & Why?
·        Training Periods - Timings
·        Training Periods - Goals
·        Training Periods – Training types

Before we look at the benefits of correctly structuring your training and the focuses for specific training blocks I want to take a moment to outline the breakdown, structure and names used to describe the training periods…     
What do we mean by a Training Period?
·        Macrocycle - Usually 1 year but could be up to 4
·        Training Period - Specific Segment within Macrocycle
·        Mesocycle - 4-8 (usually 6) weeks block with specific fitness goal(s)
·        Microcycle - 1 cycle of training typically 1 week

 How this all fits together:

Now you have an understanding of the structure you may be asking “What’s in it for me?” and of course there has to be a reason, If not why are we taking the time to segment the year like this! There are in fact many reasons, a few are listed below…
Benefits of Periodised Training:
·        Builds all elements of fitness in an ordered plan
·        Reduction in injury risk
·        Reach peak at correct time / event
·        Avoid over - under training
·        Motivation & Interest (training adherence)
·        Race Faster! PB’s!