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The next section deals with the specific training periods, the timings, the aims and the training focuses for each of them  
So what are these Training Periods?
(Period timings may vary depending on the athlete & target event(s) but those listed are a good starting point)
·        Basic Preparation - 12 weeks
·        Pre Season - 6 weeks
·        Early Season - 12 weeks
·        Main Competition - 18 weeks
·        Recovery - 4 weeks
So what are the Period goals?
·        Basic Preparation - Raising basic fitness, increasing endurance, off bike strength training
·        Pre Season - Conversion of basic fitness to ‘bike’ fitness, increased speed, Increase of on bike training
·        Early Season - Introduction of competitive racing, Benchmark fitness testing.
·        Main Competition - Maintenance of gained fitness, Achievement of major competitive goals.
·        Recovery - Recover after main season
So what should the training look like?
·        Basic Preparation - Long lower intensity rides, Strengthening weight work in gym, Core work such as Pilates
·        Pre Season - Increase of intensity within bike training, Introduction of higher intensity intervals, reduction in weight work.
·        Early Season - Event specific sessions, higher intensity rides, interval training.
·        Main Competition - Similar to Early Season combined with correct taper and rest periods for competitive races.
·        Recovery - Complete rest, very easy rides, off bike activities

You should now have at least a basic understanding on how a correctly structured training year should be set out, why it will benefit you to do so and what the major goals, aims and training focuses are throughout the year. A qualified and competent cycling coach will be able to help you with greater detail and to maximise your available training time.
The Author Jason Battle is Head Coach at Performancecoaching.me and is an ABCC L3 cycling coach